Would you rather spend hours reading your client’s medical record, hoping to find something significant?


Have you considered hiring a Registered Nurse to review the volume of records and fill you in on key events, main players, find the theme and issues of the case, and do the nursing and medical research all while doing a chronology while you work on other aspects of your case?

Our nurses are ready to do just that!

Patients receive hands-on care in a variety of settings, such as in Outpatient Care, hospitals, Skilled Nursing facilities, and hospice, to name a few. They also receive advice from insurance companies and Nurse Help Lines. The Medical records from each of these settings contain pertinent information to the type of care rendered, though the format of those files may vary according to the source.

The Registered Nurses who work with our small company know where and how to find this information in the records and we’ll inform you which documents are missing and which ones you may need a special request to obtain them.

We review each medical record according to the nursing process (Assessment, Diagnosis, Plan, Intervention, and Evaluation), therefore, you will understand what we see in the record, why certain interventions were chosen and which ones were missed.

You will have a clearer understanding of how the injuries and the factors that contribute to them impact the patient’s comorbidities and lifestyle for the remainder of their healing process or lifespan.


All of the records are returned to you with Bates Stamps. Our in-depth reports include:

  • Citations from the records complete with Bate Stamps, so you and opposing counsel are all on the same page;
  • Nursing literature and Research that supports your position.
  • A listing of the types of experts you may need along with an offer to help locate them for you.
  • You will know which aspects of the care rendered pertain to the case and those that do not.
  • Questions you may use in interrogatories, during depositions or in trial.
  • Our detailed chronologies include pertinent facts from the medical records and depositions, key players, research citations, and more, all in one workbook.

Our Nurses light the way!