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We are Geriatric Nurses with over 30 years of experience in the field.  Since Debbie opened Wuerl Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC in September 2005, we assisted Plaintiff and Defense Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Attorneys nationwide win large settlements for patients who were injured in Nursing Home, Wrongful Death, Motor Vehicle Accidents, and Slip and Fall situations.  Here’s a snapshot of two cases we worked on!

A group of 8 high school students went out partying and for a joy ride. One road in the rural area was especially thrilling because the road had a dip in it. The driver decided to drive as fast as she could when approaching the dip. The car went airborne, spun several times in the air, landed on the ground and rolled over a few more times. Three of the teens were killed; several were injured. One of the girls was severely tossed around in the vehicle and ejected through the windshield from the second seat of the van. Her injuries included a mild Traumatic
Brain Injury, several vertebral fractures, bilateral lung contusions, and her dominant
arm was severely fractured. We explained normal brain anatomy and physiology and compared that to how her TBI affects the teenage brain, and followed the same format with the rest of her injuries in our report. This young girl will require medical and psychiatric support throughout her lifetime.

One type of service we provide is Medical Cost projections, where we cost out the future surgery and related services as opined by the treating physician. One of our attorney clients told us he is successful with every case he takes into mediation because of the numbers we provided. Most of these cases are for future spinal surgeries due to motor vehicle accidents. Two such cases went to mediation the same week. One settled for the plaintiff for $250,000 and the other for $350,000.

What makes us qualified to work on your cases? 

When we worked on the floor, it was our responsibility to know everything that was going on with our clients, including the testing that was ordered, the medications they took, the diet they were prescribed, and any therapies that were scheduled.

Every shift we performed a head to toe assessment, updated care plans, taught the patient whatever they needed to know to improve their health or to maintain it, and alerted the attending physicians of any changes in condition, even when only subtle changes were noted.

As Legal Nurse Consultants, we mentally do the same thing when reviewing your medical records for you, and we let you know which injuries are related to the case – and which are not!

Nursing is the only profession that is with the patient 24/7. We are the ones who communicate with every treating physician and all the ancillary personnel who render services while the patient is in the health system. So, when you need an expert, we will guide you to the type of expert you may need for your case, and we have access to names of several professionals from around the country who may be able to fill that need.

We are members of the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants which provides us with continuing education and support of many nurses, physicians and other medical professionals around the country who are willing and able to offer advice, when necessary.

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