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Wuerl Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC

Which would you prefer?
Read your client's medical record, hoping to find something significant? or
Have a trained professional examine those records for you while you work on other aspects of your case?

Our nurses are ready to help you do just that!

Medical records contain pertinent information to the type of care the patient is receiving, which means that information may be different depending on whether the patient is in the hospital, in Long Term Care, in Home Healthcare, in Hospice or in the provider's office.  Some documents may need to be specifically requested because they might be filed differently or separately from the individual's chart.  Wuerl Nurses are Registered Nurses who know their way around the healthcare system.  We save you the frustrations  of getting the documents that support your case!

  • We review each medical record according to the nursing process (Assessment, Diagnosis, Plan, Intervention, and Evaluation).
  • We assess the damages /injuries sustained and identify the factors that contribute to those alleged injuries.
  • We address mechanism of injury and correlate it with the disease processes and the medications to give you a clear understanding of the issues in the case.
  • We interpret and summarize the medical record for you through chronologies, timelines and date lines so you can spend more time on the legal aspects of the case.
  • We integrate Nursing literature and Research that supports your position in our report.
  • We recommend questions you may use in interrogatories, during depositions or in trial.
  • We identify the types of experts you may need and can help you locate them.
  • We identify what aspects of the records pertain to the case and those that are not related. 
  • Need experts?  Life Care Planners? We have access to professionals from around the country who can be referred to assist on your case!
  • Most importantly, we are Long Term Care nurses who have experience with treatment of people who have Fallen, Decubitus care, Dehydration and Malnutrition, and more!
  • We educate seniors in the community how to remain healthy while living with chronic illness.

  Our Nurses light the way!

Legal Nurse Consultants are able to work on any medically related cases.  We focus primarily on Personal Injury, including those involving Long term care for plaintiff or defense:

  • Nursing Home Abuse and/or Neglect
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Slip and Fall
  • Dehydration/Malnutrition
  • Over medication
  • Pressure Sores

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Nurses Light the Way